They want great turkey – from Damascus to Berlin – gray wolves Read

More than 20 thousand Turkish immigrants in Germany belong to the extremist group “Grey Wolves”, which aims to create a pan-Turkish state, which would be extended from Damascus to Istanbul, from Istanbul to Berlin. They attack the Kurds, and its youth learn martial arts and methods of warfare.

This right-wing organizations for years its members infiltrate the German political parties, and thus expanding its influence, in preparation for the “final assault”.

“Grey Wolves” under the guise of cultural associations, perform indoktrinizaciju and the radicalization of youth, representing expansionist ideas.

German experts are designated as “wolves in sheep’s clothing” and considered them far more dangerous than the Salafists, because almost unnoticed by the public.

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Ideologist of the movement Alparslan Turkes (1917-1997), founder of the right-wing parties in Turkey, “Nationalist Movement Party” (MHP). The declared aim of this movement is to establish a “pan-Turkish nation.”

This nation, according to their performance, should the area from the Balkans across Central Asia to China, and to unite all the “Turkish nation” to “velikoturskom empire”, which leaves no room for minorities and dissidents.

Political analysts say that in Germany “Grey Wolves” brutally with opponents, reminding that the members of that organization in Berlin in 2007 physically attacked Kurdish demonstrators. A member of the “Grey Wolves” from Germany in January 2013 in Paris killed three Kurdish politicians.

Chairman of the organization “Turkey Federation,” department MHP abroad, Musa Serdar Celebi, was arrested in 1982 on suspicion in the organization’s headquarters in Frankfurt gave money to Ali Agca, who wounded Pope John Paul 13 May 1981 . After serving 19 years sentence in Italy, was deported to Turkey, where he served another sentence for the murder of Abdi Ipekčija, leftist journalists, which was liquidated in 1979.

“Grey Wolves”, however, is not prohibited in Germany, in late April this year, are legally rally in the rented hall in Oberhausen, which has 10,000 members and supporters, with an emphasis on the former war flag of the Ottoman Empire welcomed the President of the MHP in Turkey Devleta Bahčelija.

The war flag of the former Ottoman Empire and the “wolf greeting” – raised right fist connected with his thumb, middle and ring finger and index finger protruding and little finger, are common symbols of papers “Grey Wolves”, whose snmike be found on the Internet.

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German television broadcast “ZDF” conveyed the anonymous testimony of former members of the “Grey Wolves” which said that offspring of these organizations received training in martial arts and boxing and that, according to the order of the older members, participated in various provocations and physical attacks on Kurds and political opponents.

Marwan Abu-Tama, an expert on Islam in the Provincial Criminal Investigative Service of the German province Rheinland-Pfalz said that the “Grey Wolves” right-wing and fascist-oriented organizations.

He warns that, despite the terror carried out by the public in Germany is hardly the “gray wolves” identified as a threat, because since 1996 they are trying to “democratic act” and taking positions in institutions “pushed” their ideas.

Abu-Tam warns that noticeably increasing connectivity Salafists ready to violence and the “Grey Wolves” and points out that members of an Islamist cell from the German city of Dinslaken, many of whom were killed in the fighting in Syria, were radicalized precisely in youth associations “Grey Wolves “.

Service for the Protection of constitutionality based in Hessen estimates that salafističkoj scene in Germany belong to about 8,000 supporters, while “Grey Wolves” have at least 20,000.

ZDF said that the umbrella group “Grey Wolves” organization in Germany “Turkey Federation”, which was founded in 1978 in Frankfurt am Main, as the foreign department of the Turkish party MHP.

In its membership is about 160 associations, and there are the Union of Turkish-Islamic Cultural Association (ATIB), with about 123 and the Union of Turkish cultural associations (ATB) with about 20 associations.

Connections wits islamic state

Several members of gray wolves are accused and arrested in 2014. in Germany under suspicion that they’re connected with ISIS/ISIL, and that they’re preparing and organizing terrorist attacks in Germany, Austria, Denmark.


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