Judge Napolitano Exposing 9-11 Cover-Up With Col. Anthony Shaffer

Uploaded on 12 Oct 2010

Col. Anthony Shaffer of “Able Danger” undergoes complete censorship as the 1st run of his new book ‘Operation Dark Heart” is bought up with $46,000 tax dollars and destroyed by Pentagon. This book had a chapter entitled ‘Able Danger’ and revealed the lead Hijackers for 911 were being tracked under this operation and DOD forced them to stop a year before the attacks. Defense Department has now trashed them basically labeling all of them delusional and their testimonies unreliable. The book burning is basically Identical to that of L. Fletcher Prouty when his masterpiece “The Secret Team” about the CIA and it’s allies in control of the United States and the World disappeared from off the shelves in 1973 as if they never existed.

Read this links page http://www.ratical.com/ratville/JFK/S…


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